Breaking The Silence Sultana's Dream

Call for Submission:

Sultana’s Dream invites women to submit their proposals for 5-8 mins short films of any genre or style. Fiction, documentary, visual essay, animation, experimental—all is welcome. What we are looking for is your expression through visuals. Film topics should relate to women’s experiences of sexual abuse and survival.

*The director has to be a woman
*Age 15-30

Submission Requirments

1. Director’s Note (1000 words):
Why do you want to make this piece? How does it relate to you as a person? What inspires you to make this film?
Tell us more about how you want to approach the subject you are proposing? Why are you the right person to make this piece?
2.Synopsis (1000 words):
Give us a narration of your project. What is it about? Who is it about? Where is it set? Describe the events you want to depict visually.
3.One Line Budget:
How much do you think your project will cost? Give us a brief outline of your production expenditure.
4.Visual Reference:
It can be moving image, still image, drawing etc. We want to see your visual world, show us what you see and how you see it.

Proposals will be accepted in both Bangla and English. Submit your proposal in doc file to by 31 January 2021. Call at +8801748712805 for any query.