My name is Neha Shamim I am a writer, director, and actor and a full-time student currently studying Film and Digital Production at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB), based in Dhaka. I began my journey in filmmaking through my first film as a director, writer, and actor, “Sealed Deal”, which became the finalist in Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival(DIFF) (2020), semi-finalist in African film for impact (2020) and Officially selected in the Competition category in the 12th International Inter-University Short Film Festival. Her recent work is “The Limbo” which got officially selected for the Gandhara independent film festival Thematic 2021, Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival (DIFF) (2021), Lift-Off Sessions and was premiered in The University of Cambridge( here. I also enjoy reading people’s behavior and the reasons that cause them. I aspire to direct psychological thriller and horror movies as well as movies that challenge social norms.