Monon Muntaka Shova

Monon Muntaka is a freelance photographer and researcher based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her practice deals with social issues, culture, women, and documentation of these in relation. Apart from photography, she takes a keen interest in documentary films and video art. As a visual storyteller, her leading medias are photography, moving images, and audio. She studied media studies and journalism from the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. Initially, as an art enthusiast, she worked at Dhaka Art Summit and Chobi Mela several times as an artist assistant, mediator, and program coordinator. Her involvement with diverse multi-talented personalities, artists, curators, writers, filmmakers, educators, and scholars played a very stark influence in her life. Monon participated in different exhibitions in Bangladesh such as – “The Unheard Voices” A Photography Exhibition on Violence Against Women, 2016, “VISIBILITY” A Photography Exhibition at WILL FEST 2018, “Move 4 Women” A Photography Exhibition on International Women’s Day, 2019, “De | Real exhibition: A curatorial research project in response to the global pandemic, 2020. Her work has been featured at LensCulture in 2020. Her ongoing work on rape has been published on several online platforms such as -“Inonica”,”femlens”, “Al Jazeera”. Since 2018, she is regularly working with The Daily Star as a contributor photojournalist.

Laboni Ashrafi

Laboni Ashrafi, a writer and independent filmmaker, born in Faridpur in 1992. She has completed her graduation and post-graduation in Bengali Literature from University of Dhaka (DU). Then she joined film school, Bangladesh Cinema & Television Institute (BCTI) to do her PGD in Filmmaking. One of her films ‘Chakrabyuha’ has been officially selected in several international film festivals and got the BEST FILM AWARD at Blast Film Competition 2021, JURY MENTION AWARD at Global Youth International Film Festival 2021 and BEST DIRECTOR AWARD at Cinemaking International Film Festival 2022. She is also a social activist working on Women Empowerment in Bangladesh and teaches at Green University of Bangladesh (GUB).

Atoshi Karmaker

I am atoshi karmaker student of University of Dhaka and my department is Television Film and Photograph.My honours fourth year is running now. My hometown is jessore. My father name is Nehar Ranjan Karmaker and my mother name is Tanda Karmaker.I really like to watch movie.My hobby is painting,resiting,reading story book and so on.I always eager to learn new things.My friend circle is limited because I am quit introvert.

Fatiha Taiara

I’m currently a third year student studying Media Studies and Journalism, with a major in Public Relations. You might call me an enthusiastic learner who loves to explore different genres and types of movies. Not only that, I’m a huge binge watcher; be it anime series, Web series or Television series – I have some knowledge in all of them. Apart from Movies and Series, I love to write; started with poem and now academic writings, Reviews, and a more mature version of my perspective on different films and so on. Mandalas and abstract paintings are on board of my expertise diaries.

Nusrat Jahan Ishat

“I am an aspiring filmmaker with a lot to tell and I find my inspiration from my strength. Searching beauty in every details, I dream of portraying them either by writing or filming. Professionally, I craft advertising concepts but deep inside I’m passionate about filmmaking and films in general, I know firsthand how much a cinema can influence the thoughts and ideas of the audience. My filmmaking ideology is simple — imprinting far-reaching ideas and philosophies through camera lens. With meaningful stories, I want to render strongly impactful visual concepts where people can see vivid reflection of themselves and deep dive into thoughtfulness for days after watching the cinema. ”

 Farah Jalil

“I am Farah Jalil. I am an architect by profession and an aspiring animator. I am currently making a small series of short 2D animations telling day to day stories of a girl named Golapi. The art and media of film has been part of my research in my study in architecture. I do photography as a hobby. Attaching the link to my portfolio.

Farzana Noor

I am Farzana Noor. Recently I have completed my graduation in Film and Television from Canadian University of Bangladesh. I believe in being an enterprising visual artist. I am interested in writing as I love to imagine and create a version of reality of my perspective. I love experimenting on new things and exploring ideas. I am interested in storytelling. I am also an independent filmmaker. My fascination of writing stories made me experiment with short stories I believe that film is an outstanding way to reach targeted group of people and to express reality and art.

Neha Shamim

My name is Neha Shamim I am a writer, director and actor and a full-time student currently studying Film and Digital Production at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB), based in Dhaka. I began my journey in filmmaking through her first film as a director, writer and actor, “Sealed Deal”, which became the finalist in Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival(DIMFF) (2020), semi-finalist on Africal film for impact (2020) and Officially selected in the Competition category in the 12th International Inter University Short Film Festival. Her recent work is “The Limbo” which got officially selected for the Gandhara independent film festival Thematic 2021, Dhaka International Mobile Film Festival (DIMFF) (2021), Lift-Off Sessions and was premiered in The University of Cambridge( here . I also enjoys reading people’s behaviour and the reasons that causes them. I aspires to direct psychological thriller and horror movies as well as movies that challenge the social norms.

Fariah Manar,

A 19-year old currently residing in Dhaka. Finished my A levels in the summer of 2021. Currently applying for university both outside and inside the country. Loves storytelling and making up new worlds. No previous experience in filmmaking but highly interested to learn. Very excited to share more stories with the world in the future.

 Risana Tahmin Rahman

I’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Last year I completed my A levels and now I plan on going abroad for my further studies. I like to read books and watch movies or TV shows. I hold a keen interest in sports, dance and also paintings. I love all things creative and hence I’m really excited to be a part of this. I’m super happy and excited to be able to do this with 3 of my closest friends who hold the same amount of fascination for creative projects as I do.

Samiha Siddiqui

I’m Samiha and I’m currently finishing off my A Levels. I’ve always been interested in filmmaking as well as taking part in it and I’m incredibly grateful to be part of this project with friends who share the same vision as me.

Farisha Afreen

I’m 20, and I finished my A levels, that is high school in June last year. And I’ll be starting my university classes from the end of this month in Malaysia. Just someone trying to be creative with the endless ideas in my mind and share them with the world.

Mahamuda Aktar Monisha

I am a young professional and grassroot feminist activist dedicated towards dismantling deep-rooted social injustices. As a person I am diverse, passionate, and keen towards working in creative fields. I believe filmmaking plays an important part in challenging the norm, and I want to use this visual media to talk about important social issues which generally go unnoticed.

Pracheta Ahana Alam

I read Comparative Literature and Film History in St Andrews for two years, and attended London College of Communication at University of the Arts London to practice animation and moving image. I returned to my hometown Dhaka under circumstances beyond my control and gained experience working at the AV departments of Advertising firms, using my savings to push my independent film career forward. To date, I have passed a student film, two music videos and an animated short through the festival circuit. Currently I’m developing a treatment for an episodic series and shooting a documentary. 

MD Shihab

This is Md. Shihab. Now am the student of university of Barisal department of Philosophy. By born I am an intersex person. I am an intersex activist of Bangladesh.

 Jahra Najifa Nova

Jahra’s first attempt to make a film, was an experimental shortfilm named “Finding Mitu”. It was enlisted in the finalist films in DIMFF 2021 and selected for screening in 13th IIUSSF. Jahra Najifa known as Nova, was born on 15th January, 2002. She’s studying in faculty of Fine Arts in Dhaka University. She wants her stories to be heard, her perspectives to be shown- among all the art forms, she finds film to be the most fulfilled art form to express her perspective. Nova has always been so passionate about photography. Slowly this goes into film making as well. To her, film is like a bunch of creative photographs which amazes her a lot and also quenches her thirst for photography. She is looking forward to writing her imaginations down on the paper and making films on it.